Update PHP Version

IF You are using Self hosted services. you have access to SSH.

You can install the PHP Version with this command

sudo apt-get install php

PHP will update/ install the default version available in Server repository, or if your server package don’t have the latest version available can install latest version available package and then install PHP.

To add a specific version add version number as suffix.

sudo apt-get install php7.1

Check the php Version

php -v

Managed Hosting/ cPanel

If your using Managed hosting Server, you may not have access to SSH, but most of hosting services providers like hostgator, bluehost.  They will provide cPanel or similar framework to maintain the server.

From cPanel at PHP filed you can update/ Change the PHP Version.

If your hosting provider is not have any option to update the PHP Version, contact the hosting provider.

Update PHP in HostGator using cPanel

Update PHP in inmotionhosting using cPanel

Chatfuel Vs ManyChat

Chatfuel, ManyChat are the two most popular tools to build Chatbot for Facebook Messenger without writing code.

Build a Chatbot Using this tools and Connect to Facebook Page. Thats all your Chat bots will give reply to users, more over your user can shift to live chat option at any time, this option will be provided by this tools.

When live chat is turn on, bots wont interrupter you live chat.

Chatfuel, ManyChat – both of this are powered by AI ( Artificial Intelligence ), Based on user messaged Keyword, this chatbots will give reply.



Chatfuel is most user-friendly to get started, you can understand the Chatfuel flow very easily and can build a basic chatbot within an hour. It uses the concept of blocks, cards, and groups.

chatfuel home page

From this image you can understand most of the work flow. That much easy it is to use Chatfuel.

In the Automate section we have most of the flow, expect AI.

The group is a collection of blocks, Groups are just for convenience to arrange blocks.

Block is a collection of cards.  this is the actual works flow. moving from one block to another block, or using AI run the block based on Keywords.

Configure the bot based on blocks, which block to run, when to run.

The cards actually include your chatbot messages such as text, videos, gallery etc.

Using cards we can collect the user input, create filter, condition between the cards, Create flow between the blocks.

Cards are very powerful in Chatfuel, most of the things run from here itself. like zapier, IFTTT integration, subscribe to a sequence, Audio, video, get user input, send mails …


ChatFuel provides a lot of integration options such as Zapier, RSS, Google Sheets, Calendar, WordPress, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Set up AI is the feature that helps in setting up some control on NLP for your chatbot.


Can start with free plan, most of the feature available in ChatFuel are available for free with out limitations. Upgrade to premium plan to take advantage of using “People” feature where you can view users data,  export data.

In the free plan Chatfuel adds the brand name in the Messenger Menu.

PRO Plan starts from $15 per bot/page, Pricing will be based on which includes up to 500 reachable users in a month.

Branding will be added to the Welcome Message and will be helpful to the bot less than 5000 users.

The first 5,000 users who interacted with your bot will be able to receive the broadcasts and continue interacting with the bot.

More information from Chatfuel Docs


ChatFuel Broadcast provides options to send the broadcast immediately or after some delay.

Shouldn’t send any kind of promotional messages to the users, in that case, your chatbot will be blocked by the Facebook authority.


ManyChat is popular chatbot platform, that is used to build chatbot for Facebook messenger with more possibilities for marketing and automation.


ManyChat provides two interface options to build a chatbot platform and uses the concepts similar to ChatFuel.

It is a bit tricky to understand the interface, the user should spend some time to learn the chatbot flow page.

Recently they introduced an option ‘Drag and Drop’, which visualizes the whole chatbot flow in a single screen.


ManyChat provides a free basic plan with limited features.

Flow Builder feature provides a new way to construct messenger chatbot using the visual editor, to track long and complicated chatbot flows.

ManyChat recently launched ‘live chat’, which is one of the most useful tools and which allows you to immediately respond to your customers, solve their service issues and creates good bonding with your customers.

Mobile Friendly:

ManyChat is mobile friendly for its live chat page rather it’s not mobile friendly for Chatfuel.


ManyChat provides a free basic plan to access all the limited features, but the ManyChat branding will be displayed in your chatbot and promotional tools.

One of the great feature that ManyChat missed in the free plan in getting user-input and saving to custom filed.

PRO Plan starts at $10 per month, which includes up to 500  active subscribers and scales as you grow your audience.

To remove ManyChat branding from your chatbot, you should upgrade to a paid plan, which helps to access all the features with unlimited tags, customize field and branding will also be disappeared.


ManyChat Broadcast has been categorized into three types for sending the broadcast

-> Subscription Broadcast

-> Promotional Broadcast

-> Follow-Up Broadcast

-> Subscription Broadcast: Allows to send non-commercial content or messages to your subscribers at any time without containing any promotional matters.

-> Promotional Broadcast: Allows to send commercial messages to the subscribers that are active in the past 24 hours.

-> Follow-Up Broadcast: Sends a notification to the active subscribers in the last 24 hours to remind about the promotional broadcast.


  • For creating the facebook chatbot messenger both ChatFuel and ManyChat are popular.
  • ChatFuel is simple and easy to understand, can create the chatbot conversation easily.
  • ChatFuel has limited growth tools to build the basic functionality of the chatbot.
  • Whereas ManyChat the user should spend some quality time to understand.
  • The growth tools of ManyChat will help to generate leads and is more advanced than ChatFuel.
  • You will definitely start liking once if you start using ManyChat.

WordPress Vs Squarespace

WordPress Vs Squarespace both are good at website building, both have the potential to build excellent websites with high performances.


WordPress is an open source platform, where the user can modify to use and customize.

So all the developers/programmers use WordPress to create their own tools such as templates, themes, plugins to share for free or sell their plugins to WordPress users.

WordPress platform will continually update to improve its security level. When there are any updates you will be notified in the dashboard.

WordPress provides thousands of templates using coding, you can use it for free or else you can edit the code and create your own template, all you need is to have some coding skills.


Squarespace is a closed source platform, the developers of this source are responsible to create all their tools.

All the website building tools are developed by the same team in order to specify that their tools are not conflicted with each other and are high at the performance.

As it is a closed source website builder, all the performances will be done by the team according to the changes and requirements.

Squarespace can customize your template using drag and drop control that doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

The article was incomplete, you can contribute by editing the article. If you are interested please contact us.

How to Change WordPress Timezone

To change the WordPress Timezone,

From the WordPress Dashboard

Settings -> General

Scroll down to get the “Timezone” section.

Change timezone settings


WordPress provides two options to change the time zone

-> By selecting Universal time clock (UTC).  ( To Know UTC TimeZone )

-> By selecting the City name in the same Timezone

E.g: For India, UTC timezone is +5:30 or choose one of the city name available in that same timezone (Kolkata).

After changing the time zone, click on “save changes”.

Posts, Pages created on the WordPress will save the time based on the timezone settings.

Some plugins run background task like taking the backup, doing cronjobs. They get the time based on this timezone settings.

Add Facebook Messenger on your Website

By adding Facebook Messenger on your WordPress Website, your Website vistors can interacting with the people who visited your website.

To Install WP-Chatbot on WordPress Website.

From WordPress Dashboard

Navigate to  Plugins -> Add New

Search for the keyword “WP Chatbot”

Add facebook messenger on your website

Now install the plugin and click on activate.

After activate the plugin go to the settings.

Add facebook messenger on your website

Plugins Settings

WP-Chabot Settings
WP-Chabot Settings

WP – Chatbot provides many customise settings.

Enable ‘Yes’,

All the fields are not mandatory and only one field is required ‘Facebook Page Id’. Don’t forget to add the whitelist domain name at facebook page settings.

Add Facebook Page Id. Click on save changes.

Find Facebook Page ID 

Whitelist domain name

Don’t forget to add the domain name to the Facebook page settings.

To add the domain name, go to the facebook page settings, click on messenger platform, scroll down you can find the field named Whitelisted Domain, add the domain name of your website in that particular field. Click on save changes. 

add facebook messenger on your website

Now visit your website you can find the Facebook messenger on your web page.

Other Plugin Settings

Facebook App-Id:
Facebook App-Id is not mandatory, but by adding app-id analytics page can be viewed.

Can change the Messenger theme color by selecting the various colors and is the field is left blank default color will appear.

Logged in Greeting:
This field is left empty for default message and displays the greeting message when the user is logged in

Logged out Greeting:
This field is left empty for default message and displays the greeting message when the user is logged out.

Greeting Dialogue Display:
By default, Greeting Dialogue Display will display on Desktops, and hide on Mobile Devices.

Greeting Dialogue Delay:
Set the number of seconds of delay before the greeting dialog is shown after the Facebook SDK is loaded.

Messenger Language:
Most of the languages are not been added yet, as Facebook SDK doesn’t support all the languages.

There are multiple ways to use ref attribute.
Based on the Ref value, you can arrange the bot to start the chat from a specific place.

Hide Based on Post Type:
Can hide the messenger based on the type of the page.
If it is checked ( ticked ) it means Hide Messenger.

Post, Page Id’s to Hide:
To Hide Messenger on selected posts, pages or any post type, Add post ID in ‘Post, Page ID’s to Hide‘ field.

Categories to Hide:
Based on Category name, we can hide Messenger.
To hide multiple categories — Separate each category with a comma (,)

Hide Based on Devices:
Can hide the messenger based on the type of the device that is checked/ticked.

Shortcode name:
Default shortcode name is ‘chatbot’.
Can change the name, by adding some value at ‘Shortcode name’ field and save.