Click - WordPress Plugin for WhatsApp

Multiple Styles - WooCommerce - High Performance

WhatsApp Chat

Lets Make your Web page visitors contact you through WhatsApp Chat with single click

WhatsApp Group Chat

Invite your Web Site Visitors into WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp Share

Easy to add WhatsApp Share option, Customize the Shared content

Multiple Styles

There are 5 Custom Style-Blocks and 2 Predefined Style-blocks

Add own image / GIF Style-blocks ( default image added ) - 2
Custom HTML Style-blocks ( default code added ) - 2
Inline SVG Image Style-Block ( default image added ) - 1
predefined Style-blocks - 2

Add different style's based on the Device Type( Mobile, Desktop )

Using Shortcodes - Add different Style-blocks at inline-content.

We are planning to create samples Images, Custom HTML code to add in Custom Style-blocks and planning to add more Predefined Styles.


Track who clicked on Styles to start the WhatsApp chat, Group Chat, share. Re-target the user using Facebook Pixel

If Enabled, Installed Creates Event at

Google Analytics

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Pixel

Customize the Event values,
placeholder {{url}}, {{title}}, {{product}}


Add Styles-Blocks in WooCommerce Single Product Page.

Add Style-Blocks at Different Positions on WooCommerce Single product page.


Pre-filled Text for WhatsApp Chat, Share
{{url}} - to add the Web page URL
{{product}} - to add the product title
{{title}} - to add page title


Plugin Settings

Enable Floating Style

Enable / Disable  Floating Style. By Default Floating Styles display on all page.

Return Type

WhatsApp Chat , Group Chat, Share. Set the default one. Can change return type for Shortcodes using Attributes

WhatsApp Number

Add your WhatsApp Personal or Business Number. Can add different number in Shortcodes

Enable Shortcodes

Enable / Disable Shortcodes, If disable shortcode text will return null 

Hide Styles

Hide Styles based on Device type(mobile, desktop), Post Type, Category, Post, Page ID, Time in a day, Days in a Week.

Shortcode Name

Add your Desired Shortcode name -Default Shortcode name is ‘click’

Pre-filled Message

Pre-filled text message For WhatsApp Chat, can add placeholders.

Style based on Device

Add Different Styles based on Device ( Mobile, Desktop )


If Enabled and Installed. Creates Event in Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, pixel

Customize Share Text

Customize the message while user Sharing on your Web site. Can add placeholders


Animations for Floating Styles, Add own Animation. Lite Weight


Separate Pre-filled Text, Styles based on Device, Multiple Positions to add Style-Block.


WhatsApp Web / App

If Web page is accessed from Desktop, WhatsApp Web page will open, If accessed from Mobile - WhatsApp Mobile App will open.

High Performance

By Installing this plugin your Web Page content may increase Around 5 KB + Style Content, For performance jQuery is not used on front end.

Pre-filled Text

Pre-filled Message for WhatsApp Chat, Custom text for WhatsApp Share.

{{url}} Web page URL
{{title}} Page Title
{{product}} Product name for WooCommerce Single product page


Add Style-block on WooCommerce Single product page.

Add styles at different positions

Custom Pre-filled text for WooCommerce Single product page


Animations for Floating Styles. When page load, Hover on the Style-block.
default animations are added.

Time Delay

Show the floating style-block, after some time delay. If user spends some time on a Web page and still checking may be they need support


If enabled and installed creates Event in Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Pixel

Scroll Y

Show Floating Style-block after user scroll down the page.

Working Hours

Hide Styles on Selected time range


Hide Styles on Selected Days in a Week



$ 12

Single Website

One Time payment

Life Time Updates



Unlimited Websites

One Time payment

Life Time Updates

$ = USD.    14 Days Full Refund Policy


Most frequent questions and answers

Install this plugin only on Single WordPress Installation.

Can Install on your website, or your friends Website or your customer Website. But only one Installation. 

Its ok to install the plugin in Local host, Development Environment for Testing.

Not allowed to distribute the plugin.

Can Install the plugin on Unlimited Websites.

Can Install on Your Websites, your friends Websites, customer Websites, any number of Websites.

Not allowed to distribute the plugin.

Download Test Drive

In Test Drive, some features are not included.
Plugin Settings – Changing WhatsApp number filed is not included.

If don’t like the plugin, please contact us with in 14 days, Will Refund 100% of what you paid.

Email Address:

Any Question pre-sale or post-sale. 

please Contact us: 


We are planning to improve our Support System.

planning to add Video/ Audio Call support  ( Video/ Audio call using Internet service like Skype or similar )