Sequences using ManyChat

Sequences allow you to subscribe users from your Audience to the chain of messages that can be separated by delays of different length.

Creating a Sequence

Dashboard -> Automation -> Sequences

Add “New Sequence

Sequences using MantChat

Enter the name to create a New Sequence.

Click on “Create

Sequences using MantChat

A New Sequence is been created.

To change the sequence name, click on the previously added sequence name.

The options below Schedule is the delay between the messages.

Click on Message to create a new reply or select existing.

Sequences using MantChat

Check on the options, for which the schedule action takes place.

Sequences using MantChat

A user can receive the same Sequence only once, in order to receive the Sequence again from the start, they need to Unsubscribe from Sequence and then Subscribe to it again.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe Users to/from a Sequence

There are two ways:

  • By assigning “Subscribe to Sequence” / “Unsubscribe from Sequence” action to a button.
Sequences using MantChat

 Or by Using Keyword, 
         Dashboard -> Keyword -> Action

Sequences using MantChat
Sequences using MantChat
  • Second Method: In “Audience” -> Bulk Actions
Sequences using MantChat

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