How to add ‘WhatsApp share’ feature to a WordPress site?

Whatsapp plugin is the best way to add share option to a wordpress site
Whatsapp share for WordPress

Information sharing is the back bone of IT sector and it is a revolution in the past 2 decades. We cannot imagine today’s world without sharing. Digital data or web-pages are easy to share. The websites who do not have sharing as a feature lag behind. This is why young entrepreneurs want to make sure that their websites have sharing functionality. But many are unaware as to how to add ‘share’feature to WordPress sites’? WhatsApp plugin! You read that right!

Share option with WhatsApp plugins:

There are exclusive plugins for sharing functionality. However, you may not like too many plugins on a website. WhatsApp connectivity is a must for every WordPress website as WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users across the globe and targeting these customers can be driving traffic undoubtedly. As it is better to have few plugins on your site that are most required, you can opt for click to chat, the only WhatsApp plugin that has “share” functionality.

How to add share option on Click to chat, a WhatsApp plugin?

Install the click to chat plugin on your website. Go to the plugin’s dashboard. Enable the share feature and save the changes.

The ‘share’ will appear on dash board near click to chat. Click on it to set its settings.

Write a text on the pre-filled message to let your site visitors understand that that they can share that page. URL will also be sent on a share. Call to action also can be pre-filled by the user so that it appears on the share page. The share functionality can create a lot of buzz on the web-world and Google indexes every event generated. Your site visitors are free to share the pages related to your site’s products and services.

Hope this article explains about the process of adding share functionality through a WhatsApp plugin.  Is it not so simple? Let us know if you have any difficulty in adding share option by adding a comment below.

How to add free WhatsApp for WordPress websites?

The top free whatsapp plugin

Millions of websites are already existing and many new sites are coming up every day! However, the majority of those sites are not taking the next step ahead. They lack user engagement, client activity or a basic interaction if we don’t have to take a business jargon! Ultimately, they just exist but don’t create an online identity for themselves. With this, we can understand that the client activity on a website only can make or break the site. It is always a million dollar question to many site owners as to “how to create that user engagement”? If we try to find the success attributes of leading websites,’communication with the users’ can be named. Thereby, one of the most used communication is free WhatsApp for WordPress websites that are medium to small in size. 

Wondering how to add WhatsApp chat on WordPress websites? This entire article is about the same. We need “plugins” to create WhatsApp connectivity on a website. A plugin is a software that has unique functionality to add value to a website. In simple terms, just like mobile apps on a mobile, we use plugins on a desktop. In other words, plugins are apps that are used on WordPress sites. Just as each app having its own functionality, plugins also have their own properties. We have to install a WhatsApp plugin on the WordPress website to create a chat connectivity. 

How to install a free whatsapp plugin on a wordpress website?

The method is very very simple. We have many chat plugins on the WordPress repository (Plugin library) and we have to choose one plugin among those. Let’s go for a free plugin in the first attempt. Click to chat is a free WhatsApp plugin powering thousands of websites with 1 lakh plus active installations and is the best one in the segment. So, let us take an example of this one and install it on your site to mark an online identity for your website. 

Get to the dashboard of your WordPress website

Click on plugins → Add New → You will reach the WordPress plugin library

Click on “Add New”

Type click to chat in the search box and enter

Install the plugin

You will find the plugin with a green color chat image at the first place

Click on install now → Activate 

The free whatsapp plugin is ready to be activated on the website
Activate Click to Chat

That’s it! Your website is now powered by WhatsApp! 

The plugin will appear on the list of plugins your site is installed with. You will see Click to chat in the list. 

click on settings to add free whatsapp on your WordPress site!
Select Click to Chat

Click on settings of click to chat

Add your WhatsApp number on the “WhatsApp number ” section and save it. A WhatsApp icon will be displayed on all of the pages of your site.

Add number of your choice

When your site visitor clicks on the icon, he/she will reach on your WhatsApp chat. Click to chat is a free WhatsApp plugin and has many features.

The icon appears on your site and is absolutely free whatsapp for your wordpress site!
The Whatsapp Icon appears like this

Features of the WhatsApp plugin:

  • Floating styles 
  • Add short codes 
  • Return type 
  • Pre-filled message 
  • Group Id 
  • Style for mobile devices 
  • Style for desktops 
  • Position to place 
  • Text to display 
  • Google analytics 
  • Facebook analytics 

Hide/show etc. and so many else. Every section has a “read more” option to explore. Set the necessary features that suit your website and save the changes and start conversing! Increase the potential leads there by sales! If you want to know the detailed features of click to chat plugin, click on this link

Get the title of the product or URL of the page from which the customer is clicking the WhatsApp icon. You can sport the WhatsApp icon anywhere on the website or on any page for any number of times. Through the show / hide options, you can set the available/business hours information to your clients. You can even monitor the google analytics and Facebook analytics of your site for a detailed analysis. Your clients can chat, or group chat or share the pages of your site across their friends and family. This plugin has 9 styles to display the WhatsApp icon on your site. It can be set to appear in the traditional way or you can customize it with a GIF or a personal picture.

Hope this article gave you knowledge about free WhatsApp for WordPress sites and free WhatsApp chat plugins!  

Online website support for WordPress sites need the best means of communication:

Customers can make or break your business!! This might be a common stuff we have been hearing from ages. But what this literally means is only understood by those who have lost their businesses due to a lack of retaining skills. Acquiring the customer base is an extremely difficult task for any business. It takes years to establish a client base. If acquiring a customer base is the first crucial task, retaining them is an equally important mission. If we analyze the site analytics, the bounce rate keeps intimidating the site admins. One of the main reasons for the high bounce rate can be attributed to the lack of customer support. If your business demands the clients to expect online support website admins have to maintain an online support system to keep their customers engaged.

Customers can make or break a business. Online website support can help make your business!
Online website support for your site

Attending customer queries or answering the messages section below the content posted pages is essential in business building. You never know a potential query answered properly may convert into a sale. After-sale support is essential too to increase the retention rate. Let us check out what the means of communication are. Contact web customers in a way that is easy for the clients and to the admins as well.

1. WhatsApp chat:

WhatsApp chat has been the phenomenal method of staying in touch with customers of late. We all know how popular WhatsApp has become these days as a method of staying connected with friends, family, and acquaintances. Web-owners lately realized that this can-do wonders for online sites too. Software programmers have been making interesting plugins incorporating WhatsApp concept in them.

Example for WhatsApp plugins:

Click to chat is a free WhatsApp plugin for WordPress. By installing this plugin, you can have WhatsApp on your site. In fact, you can have as many icons as you want on the multiple pages of your site. You can also fix the icon on the place you want it to be. That is on the header or footer or on the left side or the right side of the site. You can hide the icon or display it as per the time you want it to be hidden or revealed. The plugin offers chat, group chat or share option as its functionalities. The support representatives appear on a WhatsApp chat with a single click on the icon of any page. The whopping one lakh plus installations of this plugin speaks volumes of how important WhatsApp is on websites too. This is the highest activated plugins in this genre and enables the site owners to contact the web customers easily.

2. Emails:

Since every small to big business runs with an email communication system, this can be used as a potential source to connect with your genuine customers. However, acquiring email ids of customers becomes a headache when customers do not fill the forms and expect to be contacted automatically. Emails offer good analytics data. The automated email system reduces time and money.

3. Customer support:

Our traditional customer support system works amazingly for any website to offer support. Clients also invest their trust in sites that offer support through their representatives. However, it is expensive as it needs CRM (Customer Relationship Management) equipment, trained personnel to work on the CRMs and personnel to manage the support representatives. Tedious, expensive and needs a huge infrastructure including space in comparison to WhatsApp plugins for WordPress.

4. Social media:

Social media networks like twitter and Instagram are doing wonders for marketing. However, they are being used as support platforms these days. Facebook and Instagram offer a live chat for website support thereby attracting customers through social media platforms.

We have learned about the major online support website s, in general, are using popularly. Out of all, WhatsApp chat support has entered the support domain after all the other three but its propagation rate is on the multitude. It is because of its ease of use, popularity, economic and lastly it needs no big infrastructure. If you have tried all of them, do let us know which is your favorite. Use the comments section below to let us know your option as we do our business basing on our clients’ incredible feedback.

A boring website? Do you know how to fix it up?

The majority of the websites are crafted by developers. Since it is the developers’ profession, they keep making websites on a spree! They may get monotonous as the work is routine to them. When it is their everyday job, it may be possible that they curate routine websites for us too. When we make such sites operational, the response may be the same unless we fill it up with some exciting content and keep changing it every now and then. If we create our own websites, we can make our site stand out. However, we need to be extremely creative to create such a website. So, the majority of websites on the market may have similar attributes and over a period of time, they turn boring websites.

Which is a boring website?

It is no exaggeration that there are millions of websites on the web today but not every site is penetrating. Exciting websites are on a very lesser percentile. If you have a website which is driving lesser traffic though your products and services are reasonably good in the market, probably your website needs a makeover!! Let us find a few steps on fixing a boring site!!

Ambiance rules the market:

The themes and templates used on the site may be lacking enthusiasm to drive enough traffic. You may want to visit a beautifully decorated mall in comparison to a clumsy shop. Similarly, the site’s ambiance matters! It is not important whether your neighbor likes your site’s design or not. Your clients should like it. Pick up exciting themes and fill them with crisp content. There are interesting plugins such as WP Shapes to organize your content encompassing the pictures on your website.

WP - Shapes wraps the inline content around the image to make it look appealing on site.
Wraps the inline content around the image

Content matters:

When we say crisp content, how can we ignore the content ideas of the site? Long-running contents are often ignored. Who has time to read legions of words paltered! Content should make sense and keep it precise. Go, out of the way every now and then! That is post stuff that is different from what you sell or endorse. However, make sure the out of the way content indirectly relates to your products. Ex: If you have a real estate site, post an article that says ‘Change the ambiance of your living room with these simple tricks’!

Be available to your clients:

Be it a genuine query or a funny message! Make sure you are answering it. To increase the engagement, install plugins such as CLICK TO CHAT or CLICK through which you can use WhatsApp as the medium of interaction with your customers. Yes! These plugins sport a WhatsApp icon on your site and when a customer clicks on the icon, they can get into a chat with you or your representatives.

Update the blog section regularly:

Imagine a situation when you visit a site and its top blog post is posted a couple of years ago. This definitely means ‘irresponsibility’ to your client. As per experts, a thumb rule to get definite results is keeping the blog section updated. It increases the engagement apparently.

Fonts make a difference:

It’s not necessary to go for artistic fonts which are at times hard to understand. Legibility is important. A Calibri or Times New Roman may do the job instead of MV Boli. Informative stuff ranks top! That’s right! Let ‘call to actions explain’ the tabs and buttons and half of your job is done.

All these elements may get that x-factor to your site. Not just these but have a creative approach to think out of the box to fetch your site a magical touch. You never know what works for you. But Google Analytics doesn’t ignore the events and their generated numbers. It’s important to understand what works for your site! Keep going and don’t forget to share with us what worked for your site in fixing up its boredom!!