User engagement is a key to successful website! How to increase it?

User engagement creates a buzz thereby leading to great sales!

We all know that web platforms are virtual in nature and they exist without physically existing at a geographical location. Any business physical or virtual needs customers. Acquiring customers is the most difficult job for any website management. A decent user engagement can make your business stand out amongst the lot. Users judge a site on the basis of its clientele and this is an average mindset when it comes to assessing the quality of a site. So, what exactly is an engagement? Let’s get into the inside story!

Generated events, number of visits on a site etc. help the search engines locate your site. Though many believe that optimizing search engines by stuffing keywords is the best strategy in getting reader attention, client activity can be attributed to a site’s success according to experts. However, the conversion rate for the happenings depends on how smartly the management brings out optimizing solutions. But you have any idea how to optimize?

Well, there is no particular strategy! Even if it is a physical shop, people around its vicinity should know that there is a new shop. People visiting the shop starts on a slow note and increases gradually. Parallelly, advertisements such as brochures, pamphlets etc. may be required to let people know that there is an enterprise in the vicinity. It is a similar process for a web platform as well. Visitor engagement is the best way to get highlighted as these little engagements may fetch your site its potential leads. Industry experts listed few solutions to enhance user engagement!

Best tips to increase user engagement:

Install a WhatsApp chat plugin on your site: Since the majority of the sites are empowered by WordPress, the website making platform maestro offers amazing free and pro plugins for WhatsApp chatting. Ex: CLICK TO CHAT, CLICK, etc. Users’ queries can be instantly resolved on chat conversations. Though chatbots are available, users may find WhatsApp the most interesting platform. Try these plugins that can instantly increase user engagement.

Speedy loading:

If your site takes it too long to load, users may leave the site immediately thereby increasing the bounce rate. Install a good cache plugin on your site from the 5 best WordPress cache plugins to enhance its loading time. Loading issues may drive users nuts. There are some other aspects that irritate users. Let’s have a look at them.

Make navigation easy:

Keep the website structure simple and easy to navigate. Too many elements and complex themes make the website look congested and users may feel claustrophobic. Specify the categories and tags to make it better in terms of understanding

Post related content:

Google always wants to empower its users with the right information. Hence, it keeps analyzing the posted content. Keywords and LSI keywords are always meant to understand that the site admin is posting relevant content that is user-centric. If Google’s Artificial Intelligence picks out content to be unrelated, there is every possibility that it penalizes the website for posting spam. When the content is user-friendly, apparently, there is a pitter-patter on the website and Google crawlers identify it. However, it is also mandatory that good content also needs marketing.

Internal linking:

To increase customer engagement, try to link the various pages content on the same website with each other by inserting links relevantly.  Not to forget that Google demands relevance in every corner of the content. Links guide the users to other pages of your site thereby increasing the time spent on the website.

Bounce rate may take a toll:

Knowledge about the bounce rate is necessary for those who are in a business with customers! A user visits a site and immediately exits it, Google considers this activity as a bounce as the user’s requirement is not fulfilled and hence, he/she exits immediately. Google always rewards those pages which fulfill the information thirst of the users. The high the bounce rate, the lower the website ranking is. A higher bounce rate denotes that yours is a boring website to the users and it needs a drastic transformation.

Experts opine that there is no particular strategy to impress the search engines. It changes with time and situation. Unique approach and creativity rule the marketing domain. Keep exploring ways of increasing user engagement with relevance. Precise and informative content attracts the users highly be it pictures, videos, written content or infographics. Convince your users with the information you post and reap the harvest. Try these tips in the process of making your website user engaging and do let us know how it works for you in the messages section below.  Your feedback is extremely important for us in creating better products, services, and posts.

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