autop issue

While adding shortcodes,  We expect the result to be inline to that content,

But in some cases we find that WordPress adds autop to the previous content. so the shortcode output will display in new line.

to fix this issue for shortcodes, add inline_issue attribute


this attribute will make the previous shortcode content with “p” tag will display as inline content.

[chat style=2 inline_issue="true"]

autop means adding new p tag, i..e making that content as a paragraph. By default , for “p” tag display is block. so the next content will display in next line

To display shortcode output in a new line, add shortcode in new line.

App First

This plugin Detect’s the Device based on HTTP User Agent

i..e Android, IOS ..

If User Access Website from Mobile Device ( Android, IOS .. ). WhatsApp Mobile App will Open ( If WhatsApp is Installed ).

If User Access From Desktop – WhatsApp Web page will open to start chat from browser itself.

But the problem is When Cache plugins are installed, and that cache plugins are not creating  separate pages based on Device type. ( with some plugins there is no issue, where it will create separate version based on device ).

issues like - In Mobile device - 
the page is navigating to 
instead of opening WhatsApp App.

If there is an issue with the cache plugin. Please Check ( tick ) the “App First” option.

If this option is Checked, in Mobile devices it works fine as expected, try to open in WhatsApp App.

but in desktop instead of directly open WhatsApp chat page. ( in one step )

opens a page which shows message text, send button ..

and when user click on send, WhatsApp Web Chat window will open. ( two steps )

If there is no issue with any cache plugin, it better to keep unchecked. if its unchecked, then in desktop devices, opens WhatsApp chat Window in one step, instead of two step process.

We are planning to implement new ways to detect mobile device.


Style-99 – own Image / GIF – shortcode

WhatsApp chat
[chat style=99]

( since version 1.5 )

Shortcode Attributes

s99_img_height_desktop  –  To Change the Image Height  for Desktop devices
s99_img_width_desktop  –  To change the image Width for Desktop devices
s99_img_height_mobile  –  To Change the Image Height for Mobile devices
s99_img_width_mobile  –  To Change the Image Height for Mobile devices
s99_desktop_img  –  Image URL to display on Desktop devices
s99_mobile_img  –  Image URL to display on Mobile devices

Instead of changing the image Width, Height add the image URL with perfect  image size.

Style – 99 – Own Image ( more information about style -99 own image / GIF – and added some links to get images )


num  – ( to change the number )
style  – (  e.g. style=1   – right now there are 8 styles )
position  –  ( e.g. position=fixed  – to add fixed position style,  css positions )
top  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
right  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
bottom  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
left  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
home   –   ( home= hide ) to hide shortcodes in home page , category, archive

[chat style=99  s99_img_height_desktop=100px]
WhatsApp chat


Style-99-own-Image / GIF

WhatsApp chat


Style-99 – own Image / GIF ( since version 1.5 )

At Plugin Settings ( Click to Chat  -> Customize Styles )

Please remove the default added image URL and add the new Image URL.

For Better result add the Image With perfect Size, Instead of changing the image width, height from plugin settings

i..e. If you plan to make your image size 100 x 100 PX width, height, can add the image with that size instead of adding large image and changing the image size.

If need to change the image Width or Height from plugin settings, recommended to change only one value – Width or Height ( best to add Height alone and leave Width proportion to Height – it will adjust automatically )

For Mobile Devices have to add separate / same image URL

Can Add GIF Images – may not good to add in all pages as user may get distraction. instead add on specific pages using shortcodes

continue image ..

style 99 - continue

If plan to change Height, Width add suffix with CSS Units. ( e.g.  100px )

some suggestions like ..

Where to host Image

* Can Add image in your WordPress Media Uploads and get the URL

* From AWS S3, including CDN – CloudFront

so many Image Hosting sites are there.

Where to Get Images

We just added some list, We are responsible on how to use the image, please read there license policy on how to use.

WhatsApp Brand – Official Site




GIPHY  – GIF Images

( can find so many image with license of no attribution is required )




Create Images / Editor – online



some of this sites can work as image hosting sites also, so can load images directly from there server


Animations on Page load  –  Run Animation when the page is loaded / refreshed. If “no-animation” is selected, animations are not enabled.

Animations on hover  –  If Yes  – Run animations when mouse hover on the WhatsApp style ( This Hover Animation type is the animation what set for Animation on page load )

It may be better, not to enable animation on hover, Because when user came to click on style to start chat, it will animate

From Dashboard  -> Click to Chat -> Customize Styles


Currently Animations are in Alpha stage, things may change in later releases, may need to reconfigure also.

We are planning to expand animations types. ( At present bounce, tada type animations are added )


Version 1.4


Version 1.4



Style-3,  can choose .png, .svg image ( .png ~20kb, .svg ~4kb )

in v1.0 .png image is ~51kb, that a big mistake we did, now .png image size is ~20kb ( can change image size up to 600×600 px )

and in v1.4  for style-3 .svg version is there which is ~4kb.

can change the image type at plugin setting page ( Click to Chat -> Customize Styles – and at style-3  toggle )

Style-4  image size now reduced to around ~2kb

before used the same image, which used for style-3 ( ~51kb )

now trim the image to 32×32 px, now image size is ~2kb

Style-9 is added  – WhatsApp icon – like green square

.svg image, size ~4kb

Support for Analytics ( can do using – Google Tag Manager ) , we will make a video, document on how to.

Animations – alpha version

Support Analytics , using Google Tag Manager

support for Localization

much more. .



Style-9 – shortcode

WhatsApp chat

Shortcode Attributes

s9_icon_size  – to change icon size (  s9_icon_size= 48px )

num  – ( to change the number )
style  – (  e.g. style=1   – right now there are 8 styles )
position  –  ( e.g. position=fixed  – to add fixed position style,  css positions )
top  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
right  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
bottom  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
left  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
home   –   ( home= hide ) to hide shortcodes in home page , category, archive

[chat style=9  s9_icon_size=24px]
WhatsApp chat


[chat style=9  s9_icon_size=100px]
WhatsApp chat



Fixed position

[chat style=9 position=fixed bottom=10px right=10px]



[chat style=9 s9_icon_size=24px; ]

[chat style=9 s9_icon_size=48px;]

[chat style=9 s9_icon_size=96px; ]


WhatsApp chat
WhatsApp chat
WhatsApp chat


Add pre-filled Message

Add pre-filled message,

From Plugin Settings ( “Click to Chat”  – “Initial Message” field )

here pre-filled message added  ‘ sales team:’

so this pre-filled message returns in WhatsApp chat box.

For style-1, it return both pre-filled message + user entered text.


[chat style=1  text="for testing style-1: "]
WhatsApp chat


Add Web page URL in pre-filled message

( since version 1. 5 )

In the Initial text filled, add any text as pre-filled text in WhatsApp chat box.

To add the page URL in the pre-filled message – add {{url}} placeholder

{{url}} ( open double curl braces and then ‘url’ and then close double curl braces )

the {{url}} placeholder will be replaced with the Web page URL.

Can add {{url}} placeholder at any place


{{url}}: Hello, How are you

Hello, I am planning to buy this plan – {{url}}

{{url}} will be replaced with the Web page URL



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We are in dilemma,

As now we removed the donation link.


If your plan to support, you can suggest a feature to add. ( If we can understand what user want it would a great thing. )

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