Version 1.4


Version 1.4



Style-3,  can choose .png, .svg image ( .png ~20kb, .svg ~4kb )

in v1.0 .png image is ~51kb, that a big mistake we did, now .png image size is ~20kb ( can change image size up to 600×600 px )

and in v1.4  for style-3 .svg version is there which is ~4kb.

can change the image type at plugin setting page ( Click to Chat -> Customize Styles – and at style-3  toggle )

Style-4  image size now reduced to around ~2kb

before used the same image, which used for style-3 ( ~51kb )

now trim the image to 32×32 px, now image size is ~2kb

Style-9 is added  – WhatsApp icon – like green square

.svg image, size ~4kb

Support for Analytics ( can do using – Google Tag Manager ) , we will make a video, document on how to.

Animations – alpha version

Support Analytics , using Google Tag Manager

support for Localization

much more. .



Style-9 – shortcode

WhatsApp chat

Shortcode Attributes

s9_icon_size  – to change icon size (  s9_icon_size= 48px )

num  – ( to change the number )
style  – (  e.g. style=1   – right now there are 8 styles )
position  –  ( e.g. position=fixed  – to add fixed position style,  css positions )
top  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
right  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
bottom  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
left  –  ( e.g.  –  left=10px , left=2% )
home   –   ( home= hide ) to hide shortcodes in home page , category, archive

[chat style=9  s9_icon_size=24px]
WhatsApp chat


[chat style=9  s9_icon_size=100px]
WhatsApp chat



Fixed position

[chat style=9 position=fixed bottom=10px right=10px]



[chat style=9 s9_icon_size=24px; ]

[chat style=9 s9_icon_size=48px;]

[chat style=9 s9_icon_size=96px; ]


WhatsApp chat
WhatsApp chat
WhatsApp chat


Add pre-filled Message

Add pre-filled message,

From Plugin Settings ( “Click to Chat”  – “Initial Message” field )

here pre-filled message added  ‘ sales team:’

so this pre-filled message returns in WhatsApp chat box.

For style-1, it return both pre-filled message + user entered text.


[chat style=1  text="for testing style-1: "]
WhatsApp chat


Add Web page URL in pre-filled message

( since version 1. 5 )

In the Initial text filled, add any text as pre-filled text in WhatsApp chat box.

To add the page URL in the pre-filled message – add {{url}} placeholder

{{url}} ( open double curl braces and then ‘url’ and then close double curl braces )

the {{url}} placeholder will be replaced with the Web page URL.

Can add {{url}} placeholder at any place


{{url}}: Hello, How are you

Hello, I am planning to buy this plan – {{url}}

{{url}} will be replaced with the Web page URL



( Donation page changed to Support us page )

We are in dilemma,

As now we removed the donation link.


If your plan to support, you can suggest a feature to add. ( If we can understand what user want it would a great thing. )

You can support HoliThemes by sharing Web post, plugins to Friends and in Social sites would a great thing. Subscribe, like our pages is really appreciate


Support : How to create your own link with a pre-filled message

Since Version 1.3, can add pre-filled text from plugin settings.

( its a build in feature, so no  need to modify code )


This is reply to a message  –

Just added a temporary solution –
based on your message, i can understand you are capable to edit the code.

From Dashboard -> plugins -> Editor –
Select ‘Click to Chat for WhatsApp’ plugin

edit ‘styles.php’ ( located at ‘inc’ -> ‘commons’ -> ‘styles.php’ )

edit line number – 38, 48

edit line – 38

$redirect_a = "$num";


$redirect_a = "$num&text=ADD-YOUR-MESSAGE-HERE";


and line – 48

$redirect_a = "$num";


$redirect_a = "$num&text=ADD-YOUR-MESSAGE-HERE";

please note:
when you update the plugin, all this settings may lost,
please use this as a temporary solution.

we like to add  ‘pre-filled message’ feature in next version.

Thank you


since version 1.3 – can change style-1 button text.
its a build in feature.



Please download the plugin version

Created special  version – – ( which is not going to release in )

In this version just added a new feature – to change text in submit button

Later, after updating documents, added new thing in plugin – we will update plugin in,

So to use the new feature before official release please download the plugin version

please uninstall and delete the plugin previous version from your plugin dashboard , and then upload this special plugin and install.


Later after time, after next official version released in

uninstall and delete this  special version, and then install the new version from

To change the button text for style-1

In shortcode use attribute s1_btn_text


[chat style=1 s1_btn_text="send" ]


or to change the default value –

Navigate to

Click to Chat – > Customize Styles — Style-1

change “Button Text” filed value.


This special version is created, because @esteemviaggiebenessere stared a topic on how to change the button text

Thank you @esteemviaggiebenessere to make us to add a new feature


Enable, Disable  –  styles

Enable Floating Styles

if Yes — display Floating Styles,

if No — Floating styles are disabled.

Enable Shortcodes

If Yes — shortcode will show the output content

if No- shortcode output and its inner content will be removed.


WhatsApp chat
it have to display a style

but if enable-shortode — No

then it will remove the returning output and [chat] word also



Text to Display

Text to Display on links, input field

as placeholder value entered here is whatsapp us

this value will return in the input field ( style-1 ) , in link text ( style-2) , in chip style text ( style-4 ) , button ( style-8 )





If you are using shortcodes, by default it will get this value

but you can change this by adding val attribute

[chat val=‘contact us’]

Position to Place

there are four ways to select

  • bottom right
  • bottom left
  • top left
  • top right

we can select any thing and place a fixed style at any place by changing it values.

but its relevant to choose particular position — and add values

can support any css units


10px 10px

2% 2%

1em 1em

position_bottom : 10px i.e. from bottom of the view page 10 pixel up

position_right : 10px i.e. from right side 10 pixel to left