This feature is available on Pro Version

Placeholders for Greetings Dialog Text:

  • {{product}} – replaces with WooCommerce Single Product name

Placeholders for REF Attributes:

  • {{product}} – replace with WooCommerce product name
  • {{title}} – replace with page title
  • {id}} – replace with post ID.


In a product page – product name is ‘xyz‘ and the product page id is ‘999

Greetings dialog:  Get 20% discount on {{product}} this will return as – Get 20% discount on xyz

REF: 20-discount-{{id}} this will return as 20-discount-999

by using the ref attribute you can create a custom entry point for messenger ( it easy to create entry points using chatbot tools like chatfuel, manychat … )

by using some of the plugin features you can update the greetings dialog, ref on fly. a use-case like display discount greetings and update REF after user spend certain amount of time.

WooCommerce pages have special Settings page, can change FB page id, Greetings dialog, REF, Color.