WP-Chatbot PRO

Change Messenger
– Icon Position
– Greetings Dialog and Chat Window Position
Different Settings per Device ( Mobile, Desktop )

Update Greetings, REF on Fly
– based on Time
– based on User Scroll down the Page
– based on Clicks

Display Messenger Icon
– After some Time Delay
– After user Scroll down the Page
Different Settings per Device ( Mobile, Desktop ) to Display the messenger for the First time

Option to not load the Messenger on
– Selected Days in a Week ( like Weekends )
– Selected Time Range in a Day ( like non working hours )
( Online / Offline feature )

Set Greetings text Dialog
– based on time range (like working hours or not)
– based on days in a week (like working days or not)
( Online / Offline feature )

Actions ( Show, Hide – Icon, Greetings Dialog )
– based on Time
– based on user Scroll down the page
– based on Clicks

Click Actions – When Clicked on Button/ Element
– Show – Icon, Greetings Dialog
– Hide – Icon, Greetings Dialog
– Update Greetings, REF

WooCommerce – Separate Settings page
– Greetings Dialog, REF, Page ID, Color

Placeholders for Greetings Dialog, REF
– {{product}} – WooCommerce single product name
– {{id}}, {{title}} – to add page id, title in REF Attribute – useful to track, create Entry points using your Messenger Chatbot.