WP-Chatbot – Settings

Since Version 4.01

We simplified the plugin to add messenger on websites

From plugin settings page – WP-Chatbot

  1. Click on “Connect to Facebook page”
  2. After connected – a list of Facebook pages will appear – Select Facebook page.

That’s all, With just two clicks we can add Facebook Messenger on website.

And the selected Facebook page will receive messages from your website visitors.

PRO Version

Free version is updated and simplified the way its selects page id, whitelist domains.
sooner we will update the pro version. which is compatibility with free version.

Two Important Steps

  • Add Facebook page ID at plugin Settings
  • Add your website address at Facebook page – Whitelisted domains section

Facebook Page

Create Facebook Page

Find Facebook Page ID

Enter the Facebook Page ID, in ‘WP-Chatbot’ plugin setting page.

Whitelisted Domains

From your Facebook page

click on ‘Settings’

click on ‘Messanger Platform’ tab

scroll down the page – you can notice ‘Whitelisted Domains’ options

Add full qualified domain name,

e.g  –   https://example.com/

website must server from ‘https’ protocol.

Whitelisted Domains

Basic Troubleshooting

WP-Chabot Pro